TPM Makes The Property Management Top 50

Aug 19, 2021 | 0 comments

It is with tremendous pride to announce that our Director and Co-Founder, Lewis Cassar, has won in the Property Management Top 50 on 17th August 2021. Lewis and TPM were recognised as having “made incredible strides in establishing themselves as an innovative property management company”.

Its incredibly heart-warming to know that the hard work, time and effort put in from Lewis, and all those at Transparent Property Management is being recognised in the industry. From day one, we made efforts to ensure our clients and leaseholders are given as much information on their assets.

We sat down with Lewis, and asked him all things to do with property, his experiences in the industry and how he celebrated his well-deserved win.


So Lewis…

How long have you been working in the property industry?

I starting investing as a complete novice in property 15 years ago. I certainly had no idea what I was doing and thankfully had luck on my side. Professionally involved for over 10 years ago now.


What various roles have you undertaken in this industry?

Well my background before property was insolvencies. So like many others I fell into this niche sector having other transferable skills. That was initially as a credit controller and then within 10 months I was promoted to head up the credit control team. During this time I worked incredibly hard on understanding management strategies and work flow processes which then led me to take on more teams. Insurance, Solicitors enquires, subletting, Invoicing and litigation were under my supervision before I decided I needed to learn another section of the industry. I then moved into asset management where I learned about lease extension and enfranchisement valuations as well as the right to manage process.


What made you want to explore and create a business this area of property?

My experience as a leaseholder. When I bought my first ever property it was leasehold and I had no clue what so ever what I had bought. It ended up being a short lease with a freeholder whom had a reputation of being “not to leaseholder friendly”. I then endured a torrid and very expensive enfranchisement process to take back control. At no point was I offered any form of education and whilst I appreciate it was my purchase and there was an element of naivety on my part,  I feel as though information about leasehold was in short supply.

Whether that be from education in school, solicitors, estate agents or any other area of practice that touches these transactions, I wanted to create a vehicle that was centred on helping people understand their leases and how service charges actually work. My experience has been not that leasehold is broken, but mis understood, and some people have exploited the lack of knowledge to their gain. I want to do my part to bring about change and help all of my likeminded peers put this industry where it should be.


What has been you biggest achievement so far in this industry?

The people I have been lucky enough to work with and lead. All of these people gave everything to develop themselves and trusted in me and my ideologies of how I believed things should operate. I am very proud of them all and thankfully they have all moved on to bigger things.


What would you say is the most challenging part of being a property manager?

Speaking from my personal experience it has to be working between too many grey lines. We all know leases differ in their construction from property to property. And whilst we have legislation and case law to help, a lot of things come down to judgement and interpretation. Hopefully with regulation and proposed legislation changes we can narrow these differences and make things clearer and more concise.


How did you feel when you received the news you had won a Property Management Top 50 award?

Shocked and proud. Being recognised by your fellow professionals is a great honour.


How did you celebrate winning this award?

Not so rock and roll here…. I turned my phone off and walked to Southend Sea front. Since starting Transparent I have barely had a moment to take stock and I took this opportunity to simply be in a moment. Would have been better in the Bahamas no doubt!


Do you have any words or advise to young property managers, or anyone looking to get started in this industry?

Trust your own intuition and always ask yourself questions. What is needed? Why is needed? How is going to get done? Who’s help may I need.? Then reflect on how it went and learn from the experience. This industry is a wonderful place and a great platform for anyone to carve out a career. It touches so many industries and can lead you anywhere you want it too.


I think it’s safe to say, we understand why Lewis has won this award. His passion and enthusiasm for this industry is inspirational.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all those who won an Property Management Top 50 award this year. If you would like to see a full list you can here.

We are proud to work alongside Lewis, and look forward to continued growth for Transparent.

Well done all!


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