Property Management In Lockdown

Sep 14, 2020 | 1 comment

As TPM return to the office full time as so many other people are doing, we wanted to share our experience of lockdown with you all and what is has meant to our business

TPM turned a year old in June this year – it could have been a dark time for a company that was so new to the market, however it could not have been more opposite! The company has thrived in these conditions, having already cemented an excellent reputation before lockdown, but we have proved that in this changing world we can still continue to grow and add value to our clients.

We have to start with the company’s adaptability. When the country first went into lockdown, TPM were quick to follow the guidance and ensure that we had a working environment for each of our staff to ensure operation continued. Fortunately, our investment in cloud-based technologies meant that TPM were perfectly placed to move to a remote working environment when the world demanded it.

The health and safety of our team has always been the most important consideration. The team have all been issued with the correct PPE to complete their jobs safely.  The pandemic has given us the time to create regular catchups with our employees to replace conversation in the office – as we return to the office, we will be continuing with these in a group environment to maintain that team spirit. The staff at TPM have worked without issue and have been true ambassadors for the company throughout this process, we really could not be prouder!

Having now returned to the office, we are fully social distanced, even being able to receive clients with thorough sanitation throughout the building and our offices

Our choice of contractors was proved to be excellent as services such as cleaning and gardening continued without disruption due to the contractor’s commitment to their service and we want to thank each of them for their support. We were able to offer repairs when required and continue to plan for more extensive works.

Work at our managed blocks actually increased during the pandemic as perhaps more people were at home to point out issues to us and we successfully resolved this. We are extremely humbled to have actually increased output when so many have been affected negatively by the pandemic.

Enquires for our services have also seen an increase, and we are proud to say that we have taken on a number of instructions during this period. Our services have been appreciated by all our clients, where it is clear from our enquiries, that other agents were not able to maintain standards or services causing extreme frustration and upset for our clients.

With the infection rate for Covid-19 seemingly increasing and with local lockdowns being put in place at short notice, at TPM we are able to react quickly and you can be assured that we already have those plans in place should there be further Government guidance on working environments and/or social distancing.

We have all experienced the frustrations of things being slower or delayed because of Covid-19 but at TPM we are committed to maintaining your asset regardless. In many cases we are managing people’s homes and in a time where we are all forced to spend more time indoors, there has never been a more important time for good property management!

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