New Changes with Fire Door Regulations

Nov 14, 2022 | 4 comments

All the staff at Transparent Property Management have been working hard to stay up to date with the new fire door regulations and health and safety guidelines in residential blocks of flats.

The main change we are currently preparing for is in respect of communal and flat front doors located within a multi occupied block that open into an internal communal area.

What does this mean for leaseholders? 

For those owners currently residing in a development over 11 metres high it does mean that as of 23rd January 2023, additional checks will be completed on all communal doors. To confirm, all flat front doors will need to be inspected on an annual basis, whilst all communal fire doors will need to have an inspection quarterly.

Those leaseholders in a multi occupied block below 11 metres, must be informed of the importance of fire doors to a buildings fire safety. The responsible person also has a duty to put in place general fire precautions in these buildings, this duty incudes making sure that all fire doors are capable of providing adequate protection.

So.. Why are all these checks and new laws coming into place?

Following the tragedy of Grenfell, it really highlighted the issues with fire safety in multi occupied blocks, particularly with high rise developments where it typically takes residents a lot longer to get to the ground floor and vacate the premises. If a development has a stay put policy, it means that in an event of a fire owners should remain inside their properties, as the doors and compartmentation should be adequate enough to contain the fire in the area it has broken out. One of the main factors to ensure this policy is suitable is ensuring that all fire doors are adequate and comply with legislation, in order to be able to contain the fire. The minimum time they should contain the fire for is 30 minutes, in which time the fire brigade should then be on site.

It is recognised that the changes surrounding fire safety in blocks can be very daunting to owners and directors of management companies, which is why we feel it is key to provide education to our leaseholders. We work hard on explaining why new entries have been made into their service charge budget and provide key facts of legislation to aid our explanations.

We would really urge owners to also conduct their own learning into the new laws that have come into situ, and have provided a useful link below which provides some further information on what we have touched on above:




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