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​The likely hood is you have spent an incredible amount of time, money and effort in to being able to purchase a leasehold property. However, the majority of people have very little understanding of what it is they have actually bought. Leases and the surrounding legislation can be very complex and overwhelming. This is How We Can Help.

Our ethos of empowering our customers with knowledge and understanding through transparency helps us guide you through all aspects of your property management.

Block and Estate Management

Managing agents have an incredibly varied role with no two days ever being the same. From arranging block insurance policies to helping with company secretarial duties, we’ve got you covered. Each block or estate will be unique and have it’s own requirements. That’s where our specialised, fully tailored management service helps.

Upon contact we will undertake a full lease review, site inspection and produce a thorough, proposed budget. The proposed budget details exactly what items the service charge will comprise of and how they are to be charged in accordance with the lease terms and best practices.

Once we are instructed, we will produce an Initial Management Recommendation (IMR) setting out how we seamlessly manage the handover process and integrate our management. The IMR clearly details how the fundamental aspects such as  financials and system uploads with be handled.

The core functions contained within our management services are:

Lease Administration

We conduct full lease reviews making sure we have all the information we need to correctly administer the lease covenants. We will also advise our clients of any pitfalls that may present risks to them.

Financial Management

Each of our sites has its own protected client accounts. Account reconciliations and supplier payments will occur weekly. Of course, with our ICEAW accreditations you can be sure your monies and year end accounts are safe.


We have a great relationship with brokers who specialise in block management and Directors & Officers insurance policies. We will always attempt to place your cover with an A rated insurer. The level of cover we obtain will be of the highest standard and in line with how your lease stipulates it should be arranged. We are committed to ensuring the Insurance is of the lowest price possible for the level of cover required.

Company Secretarial Duties

We will take care of this for you. Contacting companies house and making us the point of contact so we can handle everything from submitting annual accounts to updating shareholders, on your behalf.

Ground Rent / Service Charge Invoicing and Collections

Invoicing such items can be trickier than it seems. Invoices come with very strict legislation on how they are to be served and very specific time frames for turnaround in place. This is why it’s imperative that these are done in a timely and compliant manner to ensure the healthiest cash flow possible for great management. Whilst it is never our desire to commence litigation, sometimes it is necessary for the greater good of the property. We have a very clean in-house process and in the unlikely circumstance this is not successful, we use top industry solicitors to enforce payments when due.

Major Works and Contractors

Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act of 1985 was brought into play to offer protection to leaseholders. This process sets out a defined order of notices to ensure all major or long-term qualifying works go through robust consultation.  You can be sure we will strictly adhere to this process and secure everyone’s fair interests when works of this nature become necessary. We will also review all contracts for services that are in place and re tender where necessary to achieve the best service and price possible.

Out of Hours Service

Incidents don’t just occur between 9 and 5! Our out of hours emergency service gives you the comfort and peace of mind that your problem won’t have to wait.

Financial Management

A very rare offering on the market that allows directors to keep control of day to day management duties but use our services for financial management. You will get to take advantage of our knowhow and support to manage bank accounts, pay invoices, deal with year end accounts and issue invoices. This can therefore leave you as directors to manage the block and estate.

Because Transparent Property Management are just that, we are willing to work with directors in a way other agent may find difficult to do so. With absolutely nothing to hide, pertinent information such as bank balances and supplier invoices will be readily available.

Should you require us to take care of the company secretarial duties, (we know this can be a burden to keep on top of) we’re also happy to cover this off within the Financial Management only service.

And of course, should your circumstances change and wish to take a full back seat, we would be ready to step up to full management with no disruption of service.

This service naturally comes at a lower fee than our full management service so please click here to contact us and speak about this service further.

RMC’s and RTM’s

At Transparent Property Management we understand what it means to be able to give a personal touch. 

Our Founders have taken their vast experience within this industry and mixed together highly successful standard operating procedures with a cutting edge cloud based software system. Both of which affords us the crucial and necessary time to have our property managers available to do what they specialise in.

On top of our IRPM and ICEAW accredited staff, you as the directors of the company will have all the information you require readily available. Therefore, giving you full confidence the property is in good hands. Imagine being able to receive up to date reconciled bank account balances, all debtor reports and being able to speak to a professional property manager instantly!

Our ethos of transparency means you will know from the get-go what earnings we retain. Our promise and company guarantee is that we will never take any back handed earnings from “business arrangements” or inflate prices to the actual costs of work.

A great service should be standard for any management agent. Block and Estate Management is where you can see further details on ours.

The difference for us; is we want to empower our customers. We want them to understand their lease obligations and property finances. If customers understand how the finances work and can clearly see what the money is being used for, the confidence and level of service will go hand in hand.

If you are yet to achieve Right to Manage status for your block, please see this useful link for further information For more information on all things leasehold, please click here for our knowledge bank

To speak to us about instructions for your block or receive further information please contact us

“Our reputation, longevity and commitment to making the industry a safer place for customers means everything to us.”

Freeholder, Ground Rent and Asset Management

Transparent Property Management are rapidly adding to our growing freeholder portfolio. We’re ready to take instructions for comprehensive block, estate and ground rent management.

With pending changes to legislation, we understand the importance of accurate and efficient asset management from a freeholder’s perspective. Our founders have over 10 years of experience acting for large and evolving freeholders on all aspects across all levels. We can therefore, offer the commercial understanding to our clients, whilst tailoring an exceptional customer service experience to leaseholders ensuring their assets experience a healthy cash flow.

After all, the most profitable blocks come from a positive relationship between all parties who share the mutual asset. The key to this is great service and clear communication.

A number of Transparent Property Managements services on top of Block and Estate Management include:

Compliant ground rent invoicing and efficient recovery processes.

Quick “return to owner” process once collected with full reports

Monitoring and implementing ground rent reviews

Solicitors enquiries including complying with 15 working day LPE1 turnarounds

Consents for subletting, pet licensing and alterations

Assisting with enfranchisement and lease extensions

Advice and procurement of building insurance


Because we know how buildings should be managed, our experience can be integral to their design. Our developer consultancy service can give you the edge and confidence you desire for when it comes to the all important sales process. And even beyond that too. Our team’s assistance throughout the process will help your overall reputation for long lasting and well managed properties.

Our service typically includes:

Full lease reviews

We will ensure that the leases’ structure and contents make it suitable for effective management removing any anomalies which may put you as the client at risk.

Service charge budget and assessing costs

Crucial for any new development is an accurate service charge schedule and an honest assessment of ongoing costs and voids. We will work with you to give you an accurate forecast so your profit margins don’t suffer

Design with good management in mind

Being mindful of fire regulations and best practice for health and safety to reduce the risk of delayed sign off.

Arranging utilities and energy efficiency

From day one ensuring costs are kept to a minimum.

Estate Agency

Working closely with local estate agents we can help in getting them the pertinent information required to help in these speciality sales.

Health and Safety

At Transparent Property Management we are fully up to date with the ongoing changes and complex legislation to the regulations surrounding health and safety.

All property managers have a vast understanding of their responsibilities to ensure that blocks under our management are compliant and meet statutory obligations.

Transparent offering includes the following:

All contractors that we work alongside are on our approved contractors list to ensure they are certified to carry out the works instructed and compliant with health and safety regulations, whilst ensuring that a high level of service is delivered to our client.

Our property managers carry out regular routine checks on all sites and complete a detailed property inspection report, which can be accessed by directors and freeholders at any time.

All machinery and systems are placed on annual contracts and serviced by a third-party contractor accordingly.

We work closely with qualified health and safety consultants who undertake the annual fire risk assessment and health and safety assessments for your block, with regular reviews being undertaken by our own property management team.

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