Communication With Leaseholders

Nov 30, 2020 | 0 comments

When we are engaging with prospective clients, one of the most prevalent issues with their current managing agent is communication. As a leaseholder and owner of an expensive asset, any query for your managing agent is going to be personal to you either because it affects your home or your finances.

At TPM we pride ourselves on our communication skills and work tirelessly to ensure that a leaseholder can get a response to avoid frustration and an issue becoming more complex that it originally was.

Here we explain the forms of communication available to our leaseholders.


When you call TPM, you will immediately get through to one of the team, there is no general line that you need to call and request a call back or email to get a response.

A question is often a quick query and can be resolved immediately. Should the person you wish to speak to not be available, TPM have a callback response time of 24 hours if not urgent

Emergency out of hours

TPM offer an emergency out of hours service. If your query is urgent it will be immediately dealt with.

Our only insistence is that a leaseholder use this line for a genuine emergency and use office hours for day to day issues. If we are on the phone resolving a non-urgent issue, we could miss a real emergency!

Online Portal

At TPM we have tried to ensure that all leaseholders have access to their information online which is available 24-7 so you don’t even need to speak to us or if you want to access your details after hours if you work all day. The portal will offer you the latest service charge budget, your financial account, and other important documents such as building insurance certificates.

Online tickets

Our system has the ability for you to communicate directly with your property manager online. You can raise a ticket regarding an issue. This is emailed directly to your property manager. Our property managers can then resolve your issue with you being emailed along the way with regular updates. You will be informed if works have been tendered for, when they ae due to be completed and the resolution of your query so you know that things are getting done.

At any point you can use the ticket system to add an additional comment on your issue. The best thing for us as Transparent Property Management is that it provides you as a leaseholder and us with a full audit trail of what has been actioned and when.

Tickets can be raised for private leasehold matters or block issues so if a leak in a communal area is reported by one leaseholder, the others are informed as a matter of course.

Financial reporting

For freeholders and directors of RTM/RMC companies TPM will provide you with financial reports regularly so you don’t have to chase us for information, we get the information to you before you even need it. All reporting is issued via your property manager so you can be assured that they have a solid understanding of the finances of your block

Skill Set

At TPM we are extremely proud of our foundations which are that of a lease expert and a chartered accountant. This means that more technical queries can also be answered quickly, again leading to quick resolution. This is unique to TPM, hence why we continually want to shout about it!

Frustration is the biggest escalation of issues, and with these sources of communication on offer, TPM can guarantee to over communicate with you. If you as a leaseholder, Director or freeholder can resonate with these frustrations then give us a call – we will answer the phone we promise!


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