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Instructed by Freeholders, Right to Manage (RTM), Residential Management Companies (RMC) and developers, we know all to well that every block and estate is different. Our management technique is tailored to their specific needs to ensure maximum quality in service.

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Why Choose Transparent

Our customers are benefiting from a trustworthy and professional service that encompasses quick and clear communication; but what truly separates our offering from the market is the full transparency that we offer.

Not only do we ensure all property accounts are separated and protected in a client fund, we allow directors a unique level of access to our system so you can feel safe at any point in time. Why are we comfortable in doing so? Because we guarantee there will be no hidden earnings or entries to the overall budget that shouldn’t be there. This means that we are likely to decrease your overall costs whilst ensuring all services that need to be provided are being so. Where possible, we shall also work with you to plan for the future and protect the longevity of the property. All too often this important step goes unactioned. We have the expertise and confidence to deliver this type of forward thinking and proactive property management.

Transparent Property Managements’ ethos of being clear with everything we do means we will take the time to empower you with the knowledge you want to help understand exactly what goes into your service charge budget and why.

We want to share this with our all of our customers from leaseholders to Freeholders and directors of RTM’s and RMC’s. You can explore a wealth of useful information in our Knowledge Bank. And if you would like to find out more about our founders and how we originated Our Story is where you can discover how we set ourselves apart, to be a different option for people who have lost faith in their current agent.

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